We Asked, You Answered

This article is a combined effort of Riza Publishing Press and Pen and Pendulum.

We asked the following questions on Instagram to celebrate the launch of Project Healthy Love. Here were your answers.

75% of you said YES.

25% of you said NO.

22% of you said YES.

78% of you said NO.

41% of you said YES.

59% of you said NO.

“Loyalty.” (many votes for loyalty!)

“Mercy, gentleness, and affection.”

“Respect, trust, and love.”

“Intelligence and kindness”.

“Humorous, trustworthy, and not a butt-head.”

“Perfection bores me. I badly need someone who can love me at my worst, lowest, and darkest times.”

“Kind, gentle, sense of humour, hard-worker, family-oriented, and loves life.”

“Hinder.” (many votes for hinder!)

“Well… normally I would say hinder, but fucking around on one I found someone pretty special!”

“Depends on the app. Some help, some hinder.”


“It doesn’t hinder, per se. But it can be risky.”

“I’ve never actually used them. But I think they can both help and hinder.”

“It can help, but nowadays those who are in a relationship can use these apps for cheating soooo…”

67% of you said YES.

33% of you said NO.

67% of you said YES.

33% of you said NO.

“When I had daily anxiety and panic attacks over interacting with them and couldn’t sleep.”

“I was blinded by love and by the time I realized she was a narcissist, it was too late.”

“When you feel there is no future for you both.”

“When respect is no longer being served, it’s time to leave the table.”

“When there is no reciprocating in love.”

“When your partner starts neglecting your self-respect and dignity.”

“Listen to your instinct. Always. It never leaves you astray.”

“If your partner says you’re ‘too much’ for asking for their attention, leave!”

“If you’re the only one who doesn’t see it, everyone else is probably right.”

“When you avoid going home. Home should be your safe haven.”

“When you aren’t loving you.”

“Advice: leave quickly and without compromise.”

“When hurtful words/actions aren’t worth sticking around. When you hopefully realize you’re worth more.”