Romantic Love

A poem by David Somerset, December 2019

“The decline of illusion is not the end of a healthy relationship, but rather the unveiling of real people we are. Learning about each other is the basis of any real relationship. If the relationship is or can be healthy, then friendship and admiration for each other must grow. How else can we endure with each other. “

David Somerset is a poet living in Salem MA. and also writes short stories and lyrics.

Faces came forward into focus.
Looking less like what was seen,
when we lived in wishful dreams.
Personality and temperament are inscribed
upon our eyes, but unseen through them.
Time not waiting,
but lying in wait.
Pin holes begin to show through,
then the cracks appear.
Light leaks into the darkened room.
The mirrors lose their shine,
then fade, to flawed details.
Overwhelmed in our discomfort,
infatuation, is a used car on a lot.
Each day more colors washing out,
another poorly lit disappointment.
We want to go and to stay.
We are winning all our battles,
but losing all our wars.