Take Out

A poem by Denna Berg, December 2019

Denna Berg is from Toronto, Canada, although her main hobby is taking long plane rides away from there. She is a policy advisor by day, where she focuses her efforts on public health equity. She is also a curator for Vintage by DD (@vintage.by.dd), an online vintage clothing store that focuses on non-binary designs and natural fibres. You can find her recording music with her partner or trying to clear her schedule to make time for naps. Her instagram is @denna.berg.

Our fingers were lemon-scented from the injera
that was stretching our stomachs to new limits.
We had been relieved when our friend canceled on us
and embraced the enclosure that the snow was building.
The wine had reached our bellies before they became full and
our cheeks were flushed like a child playing in the cold.
Wrapped in blankets and limbs, we nestled into our couch,
ready for hibernation to bring us to the first stretch of a tulip bulb.