Under the Rain Shower / Cat Nap / You

Three poems by Margot DeSalvo, December 2019

Margot, a newlywed as of July 2019, says that her husband had her heart from the moment he smiled on their first date. She immediately saw all of his warmth and knew he was the one. They are a wonderfully matched couple of awkward introverts. They are each other’s best friend and voice of reason. A perfect day together consists of taking care of their home, enjoying a good meal, a cup of coffee (possibly spiked with baileys) a few episodes of a captivating show, and a good belly laugh (some red wine or carvel ice cream is an extra plus). She adores him and he supports and grounds her.

Margot’s poetry tries to represent the spectrum of desire, despair, and every muddled feeling in between. Some of her work can be found in Buddylit Zine, Califragile, Ghost City Review, and Sonic Boom. She is also a writing coach who can be found via her page, The Write Place, on FB.

Under the Rain Shower

I kiss the center of your chest
perfectly concaved
for my nose and lips
just as your love
handles are perfect
for the palms
of my hands. Thank you,
you say,
as your hands continue to lather
grapefruit shampoo
for the two of us.

Cat Nap

Two nights
is not enough
so I sink into
your scent
and I smile.

The world
no longer
owns time.

We nestled
into each other’s
and become
each other’s

Our laughter
too bold
to whisper,
and our fears,
too calmed
to cry.


tickle my toes
with your smile.