A poem by Lauren Leach-Steffens, December 2019

My name is Lauren Leach-Steffens, and the poem “Wasn’t/Was/Is” is about how I found my husband and how he differed from the others I dated. I have been writing for most of my life, from research articles to poetry and lyrics to short stories. My genre is contemporary fantasy and my themes mirror current issues: ecological issues, prejudice, the power of myth. I have been published by A3 Review and Submittable and placed as a runner-up in Cook Publishing’s Short Story contest.

He wasn’t the one I chased
nor the one who chased me.
He wasn’t the bad boy,
or the mama’s boy,
the boy who needed me desperately.
He wasn’t my savior,
my James Bond,
my favorite mistake,
the one without which I couldn’t be.

He was there, is there for me,
Holding open a space for we.