Taylor and Noah: Their Story

an interview about healthy relationships through the love story of a young married couple

Ava Balis, January 2020

I meet up with Taylor and Noah one afternoon in a room we’ve booked on our university campus. Immediately following the idea to begin Project Healthy Love was a message to Taylor asking her to participate. The search for healthy love and Taylor go hand-in-hand in my mind. I met Taylor during the third year of my undergraduate degree when we both, by chance, took the same art history course. For as long as I’ve known Taylor, she has been one of the wisest friends I have – endlessly curious about the world, endlessly interesting and passionate and bright – and, in line with this project, endlessly and deeply in love with her now-husband, Noah.

They were just dating when I met Taylor, but their love was evident. It filled the atmosphere of their small and cozy apartment. It filled Taylor’s face whenever she spoke about him – even in the smallest details and anecdotes. It was only natural that not even two years later I found myself at their wedding. The wedding was intimate

Portraits by Ava Balis