A Creative Space

by Annie

This is that time when the whole world is at a pause, the time yas elongated itself as we have been fitting this mad rush into our monotonous schedule of sitting all day at home. We have to realise, we bring this monotony on ourselves. At this time with no hurry for meeting deadlines, completing assignments, preparing for a vital exam, setting the alarm clock to catch the first train to work, we are blessed to be healthy and to help the world recover by sitting at our houses. Creativity is something that’s blended right into iur veins. We humans are forms of art that never cease to run our of the vivacious plethora of meaning. This is the time when we find our own creative bubble and nurture ourselves through what gives us an identity we create for ourselves. Children will rediscover their merry time of playing board games with family members, elders will recreate a classic dish, writers will find ample time to create drafts, we will make playlists, read the unread books on our shelves, research about a topic, learn a language, discover a rare art form, binge watch our favourite shows, workout and keep ourselves fit with a casual cheat day that makes everything better. Loneliness is something that grasps us upon our entertaining it. A creative bubble is an imaginary world that will create a version if you you’ll be motivated to learn from it. And what makes you, doesn’t leave you. When this world is healing itself, we’re letting it heal and through baby steps, scientists are making seconds turn into days and hardwork turn into sweats, we’re the most priveledged to help the world by self quarantining ourselves and it doesn’t get boring at all when you’re preoccupied with your own bubble. Social distancing is a big cause for those who love outings and fun, but let this time make you realise, the walls if your room has a whole another world to gift you. Let your creative self show you what world you’re capable of creating. Ideas are the most abundant source of creativity and sometimes, you need to rest yourself and look at the wall and paint it with whatever flows into your mind and you have an idea ready to work on. Let this quarantine heal the world. Let this quarantine remake your world.