Appeal of the Quotidian

by Megan Marie Drew

Amidst the turbulence of the present,
The dazed days that seep into one another,
Blurring humanity into
A continuous monotonous moment,
Blank faces and bleak feelings run riot through
Our stationary world, bodies and minds.

Yet, the warmth felt internally will always remain.
The joy of familial bonds, of friendships shall not dissipate
With the regress of modern life.
To love, though from afar, is still a miracle –
An experience that can seldom be described in words and
One that is entirely unique to all.

Though the symptom significance clasps our species tightly,
Do not ignore the abundant mundane happiness induced
By the steam of a lemon tea fogging up glasses;
The smell, the blurred vision, the simplicity.
Or, by the release of a morning stretch,
Lying surrounded by half-conscious thoughts and
Cocooned in dream-like warmth.
Smile – just because you can.