Covetous Humans

by @@eloquent_kmj (on Instagram)

When we finally were deprived
of embracing each other.
We learnt to embrace ourselves
Even more than before.
We’ve revived forgotten people within us,
who were lurking in a corner, ignored.
The artists, singers, writers inside
Became reborn, prominent & explored.

We’ve realised how fragile we are
The stunts we pull against nature,
won’t be withheld forever.
Fell in a deep spell, feet bounded
To discern how freely we roamed, boundless
Currently stuck in the confines of a home
Where family comes first, not our phones.
Bored alrght, but ain’t it comforting, the race

Just like a butterfly, embracing a rose
We’ve started to hug and feel the nature
Perceiving how sensational it’s glory is
Covetousness has a price to pay
Suppose, we’re gradually expiating now
Comprehending the worth of our freedom
We had, we overused and we’ve lost
The universe knocks on our hearts
To be better & humane than we’ve ever been.