Smothered Sunlight

by Mereed

There’s sunlight dripping through the windows
And the dust and the cobwebs smother. Suffocate.
The shadows smirks from the corners
But the sky is adorned with beautiful colours
And these weak threads of light must let the world know.
So she struts on.
She falls gracefully on the floor
And let herself be snuffed out like the flame under a child’s excited breath.
In the night the moon tells the ocean about the sun,
And the ocean dances to those lines.
The stars
They align in a pattern to carry out the plot line.
It’s important you see
The humans only know the languages of the stars.
Or so they pretend.
But the waves care not.
They dance about
Throwing a tantrum
A pandemonium.
Reminding the tired world,
That this isn’t the end.