by Kendra Gilsdorf / @whenshewalkedpoetry on Instagram

During these uncharted times, our minds can become lost in a sea of unquenchable thoughts that drive us to madness. But before you allow yourself to give into their pulling grip just remember, thoughts do not make you weak or inadequate or “too much.” They make you human, in other words a lucky, living, breathing embodiment of a soul! A magical being able to process, feel and understand concepts and emotions as deep as the cosmos. Yes, however with that said, thoughts can be tricky; Desperate shapeshifters with the power to change from inner guides to deceptive demons to pastel ramblings to positive projections and back again. Whether they are wanted or unwanted, needed or unneeded falls under your own judgement. But…

Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

1. Some thoughts love to run rampant in the dark more than the light.
2. Those same thoughts tend to have a favorite pastime of seeing how late they can keep you up at night.
3. Thoughts have the power to both sweep you off your feet or sweep your feet out from under you.
4. Thoughts come in all levels of magnitude, welcomed and not.
And finally and most importantly:
5. Thoughts do not exist in the form of a friend nor do they exist in the form of an enemy. They simply exist.