Dearest April

by Kavindi Jay (@eloquent_kmj)

April, will you be the chance of rain
To the whole mankind?
Haven’t seen him, for what feels ages
Do you have the heart to be kind?
Cherry blossom dreams, all pink and glowing
Fill up my lonely heart.
Have you ever loved someone dearly
To understand, a lover’s dreamy art?

It ain’t easy to be miles away
Isolation being the barrier between us, above all
Please don’t make it even harder
Battles of love ain’t simple to win, after all.
Fiery fascinations do creep in at times
As I yearn for his touch and ceaseless laughter
The warmth, the lust of pasttimes
Those sensations, as beautiful as blossoming buds after

I’ve become everybody’s fool, because of you April
As I lie day and night, weaving day dreams
Hoping you’ll finally end these dark times of peril
And calm this fearful chaos, a nightmare it seems.