by Ambreen Saniya

This is difficult time for all of us. We miss the normal that we never really closely observed back then and cherished. Some of us are away from our families too. We all are fighting battles in our own ways. We are clinging to even the very little hope that we find admist all the chaos. My poem “Pattern” is an attempt to reminisce our back then normal days. It is in form of a love poem. This read is basically written to make things feel a little lighter even if it is just for a minute.

i. morning
you are,
the welcoming smell of freshly brewed coffee,
the softness of just baked croissant,
the strange tranquility of reading the newspaper,
the boastful moment of a creaseless shirt.
you are,
the chaos of the traffic,
the anxiety of running late.
you are the morning I want to wake up to.

ii. noon
you are,
the rage of the blazing sun,
the excitement of the kid hearing the school bell,
the bashful smiles walking in the lovers’ park.
the happiness of a home cooked meal.
you are,
the enthusiasm of the busy shop owners
the escapism through a book
you are the noon I want my mornings to meet.

iii. night
you are,
the drowsy ride after work,
the soothing silence while walking home,
the comfort of the pajamas,
the pure bliss of a dinner with family.
you are,
the relaxing meditation to my stress
the vulnerable thoughts at midnight,
you are the embrace of my day,
caressing every minute very fondly.

and just like that,
I try connecting,
my days and nights with yours.
but little did I know,
the criss cross patterns,
of yours,
will never match with,
the split piece patterns,
of mine.