A Thesaurus for the Way Water Returns

a thesaurus for the way water returns was published
by Riza Press in May 2020.
Author and illustrator: Sarah “Sam” Saltiel

The book is available in most international bookstores, online, in print (both softcover and hardcover), and as an audiobook.

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a thesaurus for the way water returns is the second poetry chapbook written by Sarah “Sam” Saltiel. Inspired by writers such as Maggie Nelson and Anne Carson, a thesaurus for the way water returns deals with the jarring effects of physical and temporal displacement, leading the reader through the emotional topography of a narrator in surroundings that are simultaneously familiar and horrifically strange. 

The chapbook includes six original illustrations from Saltiel, moving between the sparse beauty of minimalistic ink drawings to full watercolor illustrations, providing a visual accompaniment to the quiet loveliness of Saltiel’s language. 

Sarah “Sam” Saltiel is a queer, nonbinary artist and writer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Graduated from the University of Chicago with degrees in English, visual arts, and creative writing, most of Saltiel’s work deals with questions of gender and mental illness, particularly pertaining to what it means to be a body in space. She seeks to investigate matters of identity, intersection, and erasure through a wide variety of mediums.