Amour Fou

Amour Fou was published by Riza Press on February 14, 2020.
Author: Stacie Seidl
Illustrator: Ava Balis

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This short collection of illustrated poetry tells the story of crazy love: the all consuming, life changing kind of love that imprints on your heart. Broken into two parts, Amour and Fou, the collection explores the power of deep romantic connections, both in their double-sided power to inspire and enliven, as well as destruct and hurt. In the end, Seidl chooses release from the cycle and grapples with self-love in her newfound freedom. 

“From blinding love and happiness through to heartbreak and realisation, Armour Fou takes the reader on an emotional and relatable journey through one of the most complicated feelings in life; love. For anyone seeking reassurance that they are not alone, or looking for solace and peace within the pages of a beautiful book, these words promise comfort and wisdom. The author has a talent of weaving poetry and prose in a manner of art, and the combination of perfectly rhyming poetry with story telling prose is testimony to her brilliant, rising talent. A thoroughly enjoyable and cozy read with some stunning illustrations to boot. From the moment I turned the first page, I knew I wasn’t alone..”
– Gemma Marie, author of The Anatomy of Wanting

“I found in Stacie Seidl’s words a profound, and courageous confession. Her relatable words touch the bottom of our hearts, disarming our delusions, and expectations. These poems are an exquisite reminder that the best of us is yet to come, and that love can be a part of it.”
– Ruben Ramires, poet and illustrator

“Stacie’s collection is a timeless piece centered around an age-old idea, but spun tenderly into something entirely its own. Her writing takes you through the ebb and flow of love, heartache, and the healing that comes, sometimes, much later.”
– Beth Huston, Founder of Pen & Pendulum