The streets won’t be abandoned for long!

by Simi Juriasingani

I saw an image of an empty street and it made me really sad and nostalgic. But then I remembered something I read when I was little, “All things change – the good and the bad things. Always remember that change is the only constant.” It made me feel hopeful, which inspired a poem about the streets not being abandoned forever.

Covetous Humans

by @@eloquent_kmj (on Instagram)

When we finally were deprived
of embracing each other.
We learnt to embrace ourselves
Even more than before.
We’ve revived forgotten people within us,
who were lurking in a corner, ignored.
The artists, singers, writers inside
Became reborn, prominent & explored.

We’ve realised how fragile we are
The stunts we pull against nature,
won’t be withheld forever.
Fell in a deep spell, feet bounded
To discern how freely we roamed, boundless
Currently stuck in the confines of a home
Where family comes first, not our phones.
Bored alrght, but ain’t it comforting, the race

Just like a butterfly, embracing a rose
We’ve started to hug and feel the nature
Perceiving how sensational it’s glory is
Covetousness has a price to pay
Suppose, we’re gradually expiating now
Comprehending the worth of our freedom
We had, we overused and we’ve lost
The universe knocks on our hearts
To be better & humane than we’ve ever been.

The Pandemic & The Magic Three

by @lrosepoetry (on Instagram)

The Pandemic 

There is a film of fog over
each rooftop on my street, and
everyone’s eyes seem hollow. 

Emotionless faces scream quietly
of disbelief, as if we are
suspended in midair— swimming
through honey. 

But everyone has the same
twinkle of light burning tiny
holes in their chest. Everyone
has the same hope that in the
golden light of dawn they will
wake from what is nothing but
a dream. 

The Magic Three 

Uncertainty The world is testing my
faith. It paints the sky in shades of
smoked burgundy, and it spins clouds
of dusty rose. When I wake from
anxious sleep, I fear the laws of
gravity will abandon me. I fear the
ones who loved me yesterday won’t
wake alongside me. 

Isolation I am told to suppress my
instincts. In a time of need, where I long
to grasp the body of a friend between
shaking hands, I leave myself alone. The
voice I hear on the phone doesn’t sound
like yours. It doesn’t fill up an empty
house like you could. 

Lack of Control I cannot mold
life with my thumbs the way a
child can with clay. Instead time
slips between my hands, ignoring
whispers and pleas. My wishes
are lost to wind, along with fallen
leaves and shooting stars. 

Smothered Sunlight

by Mereed

There’s sunlight dripping through the windows
And the dust and the cobwebs smother. Suffocate.
The shadows smirks from the corners
But the sky is adorned with beautiful colours
And these weak threads of light must let the world know.
So she struts on.
She falls gracefully on the floor
And let herself be snuffed out like the flame under a child’s excited breath.
In the night the moon tells the ocean about the sun,
And the ocean dances to those lines.
The stars
They align in a pattern to carry out the plot line.
It’s important you see
The humans only know the languages of the stars.
Or so they pretend.
But the waves care not.
They dance about
Throwing a tantrum
A pandemonium.
Reminding the tired world,
That this isn’t the end.

Appeal of the Quotidian

by Megan Marie Drew

Amidst the turbulence of the present,
The dazed days that seep into one another,
Blurring humanity into
A continuous monotonous moment,
Blank faces and bleak feelings run riot through
Our stationary world, bodies and minds.

Yet, the warmth felt internally will always remain.
The joy of familial bonds, of friendships shall not dissipate
With the regress of modern life.
To love, though from afar, is still a miracle –
An experience that can seldom be described in words and
One that is entirely unique to all.

Though the symptom significance clasps our species tightly,
Do not ignore the abundant mundane happiness induced
By the steam of a lemon tea fogging up glasses;
The smell, the blurred vision, the simplicity.
Or, by the release of a morning stretch,
Lying surrounded by half-conscious thoughts and
Cocooned in dream-like warmth.
Smile – just because you can.



by cheistopher.kent

“What are you going to do
when we get back to normal?”
She asks, but the fact is,
there’s no going back.
This path we tread
is a permanent collection of stones,
each one marking the next day
of our order to Stay at Home,
And will serve to remind our hearts
when our selfish lifestyle
started to fishbowl around us,
and we were left gasping for air.
When we were told to keep our distance
but our survival was determined
by the kindness of strangers.
I take solace in the term “New Normal”
because it means we’re moving forward
walking with an eye on the past
and on the people
we will never again
take for granted.

In times such as these…

by Exquisiteflaneur

“Darkness can always be countered if one just remembers to switch on a light”. These are times to get close to those who have drifted away. I feel there will be no better time to reconcile old wars. Could be an ex, maybe an estranged friend, may even be your parents. After all “communication makes the world go round”. The virus may have weakened us but there always lies strength in numbers . So in the end what I would love to say is reminisce, revel and reconcile you never know what tomorrow brings…

Using your senses to get you through Covid-19

by Jacky Power

The world has gone to shit it has,
The world has gone to shit!
A discombobulation is sweeping through our nation
As shoppers binge on bog roll and tinned food.
Apocalyptic thoughts as we survey what we’ve bought,
As we spiral into stratospheric panic!


Let’s stop for a sec, to breathe in, to reflect.
It’s not possible to sustain a life so manic.
Resistance to what’s true causes suffering, that’s not new
What if you allow yourself some slack?

For just 5 minutes, smell the flowers;
A glimpse of calm amongst the hours
Of stress and doubt and worldwide updates coming in.

Put down your phone and walk away.
Press a pause on your dismay
And remember that, in this moment,
You’re still living.

“It may look as if the situation is creating the suffering, but ultimately this is not so – your resistance is.” – Eckhart Tolle.

The last few weeks have been turbulent to say the least, full of confusion, hearsay and fear. We are in moment of significant change.

With the global news, social media and other updates it can feel overwhelming. I get the sense that the bombardment feeds in to a collective underlying belief that ‘it shouldn’t be this way’.

People ‘shouldn’t’ have to self isolate, my kids’ schooling ‘shouldn’t’ be interrupted, people ‘shouldn’t’ be dying, I ‘shouldn’t’ feel as uncomfortable and out of control as I do.

Yet, this change and uncertainty is also, fundamentally a keystone of life. We never know how, what or why something may happen.

Change takes adjustment, recognition of loss of what was and what will no longer be. That doesn’t happen immediately and it doesn’t; happen because we say it must or we know that it would be good for us if we could just ‘accept and let go’.

So whilst we are swirling around in such anchorless moments, what can we do?

Whenever I feel ungrounded, I always return to a very simple grounding technique using my senses of 5-4-3-2-1; 5 things I can see, 4 things I can hear, 3 things I can touch, two things I can smell and one thing I can taste.

It’s a technique I’ve also used countless times with clients to help ground them too and I think we could use this framework to help take the heat out of our resistance.

I’m tempted to go down the whole ‘limit your social media and news intake’ route. Which I have to say, has definitely worked for me. However, let’s think about other visual sources of stress.

Clutter creates stress, releasing cortisol into your system. Whilst cortisol is necessary (it facilitates your fight/flight response), over time your body can get used to having too much cortisol in your blood which leads to more inflammation. It also decreases your white blood cells (needed for fighting infection) and when these are suppressed it is harder to fight off viruses (hellooooooo).

Therefore, creating an environment which is free of clutter is something that is within your control to keep you immune system firing as well as it can. You will also feel smug, which at times like this can feel good (we’re all human).

Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. Are you feeling more anxious now after reading that?

Compare your feelings to how you feel after reading this: Calm, calm, calm, calm, calm.

My next point is to think about what you are saying and how.

Saying “I feel so anxious” is a reactive comment. Saying ‘I want to feel calmer’ is a proactive comment. The former may leave you feeling stuck, out of control, whilst the latter leans toward a growth mindset which may lead you to asking yourself ‘What can I do now that would help me feel more calm?’

Listening to classical music is also calming if you pick the right piece. Try Air on a G string by J.S. Bach for example.

I’ll keep this simple. Following the guidelines for 20 seconds of hand washing using soap is the surest way to kill off the virus. Keeping your hands away from your face in general will also help. You know this. I know this. Use it as an excuse for meditative practice (I know, an original suggestion).

Smells can instantly affect the way we feel. Think about how you recoil in disgust at the smell of an unemptied bin for example (I could think of worse, but let’s try and keep it pleasant). You don’t think about how disgusted you feel before you recoil; your olfactory system has sent a message to your amygdala which has kicked in with a ‘flee’ response to your legs before you can utter ‘yeuch’.

So you can use this to your advantage right now. Personally, my go to is eucalyptus oil if I want a brain reset, but lavender, vetiver, orange blossom, rosemary, sage all have their benefits in helping you feel better.

I don’t want to start a panic buy of essential oils, but there are even studies which suggest that the vapour of bergamot and eucalyptus killed the influenza virus after 10 minutes.. (

Vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, zinc and flavonoids are all instrumental in building and maintaining a robust immune system. As tempting as it is to binge on the carrot cake you made from the carrots you stockpiled (just me?), eating them in sticks with a bit of humous is going to do your more good. So boring, but so true. Sugar also adds stress to you body and, if you read my first point, you’ll know that’s not good, especially now.

I hope that helps with some practical suggestions of what is within your control to feel a bit better about the ‘what is’’.


by Kendra Gilsdorf / @whenshewalkedpoetry on Instagram

During these uncharted times, our minds can become lost in a sea of unquenchable thoughts that drive us to madness. But before you allow yourself to give into their pulling grip just remember, thoughts do not make you weak or inadequate or “too much.” They make you human, in other words a lucky, living, breathing embodiment of a soul! A magical being able to process, feel and understand concepts and emotions as deep as the cosmos. Yes, however with that said, thoughts can be tricky; Desperate shapeshifters with the power to change from inner guides to deceptive demons to pastel ramblings to positive projections and back again. Whether they are wanted or unwanted, needed or unneeded falls under your own judgement. But…

Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

1. Some thoughts love to run rampant in the dark more than the light.
2. Those same thoughts tend to have a favorite pastime of seeing how late they can keep you up at night.
3. Thoughts have the power to both sweep you off your feet or sweep your feet out from under you.
4. Thoughts come in all levels of magnitude, welcomed and not.
And finally and most importantly:
5. Thoughts do not exist in the form of a friend nor do they exist in the form of an enemy. They simply exist.


by Poet KAZ

Easy, carefree reading has been at the forefront of what I’ve been doing lately. With the constant stress and fear, it is so important to spread calm and positive vibrations. With BLUE I try to provide my readers with a poem, that’ll make them feel rested and that’ll make them use their senses. Here’s my poem:

WATER is about a safe place. The poem is the exact spot where serenity and peace meet once and while. It’s meant to put the reader at ease and help them relax during these stressful times. Here’s my poem: