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Ava Balis: Editor

Meet our founder and editor, Ava Balis, who believes creativity is the most important of our human expressions. She works to promote art in any shape or form, through making publishing more accessible and helping creators reach a public audience more easily.

Ava Balis is a poet and author, and has recently compiled an anthology from the Instagram Community, titled Mosaicthus constantly up-keeping her goal of promoting creative voices.

Beth Huston: Head of Marketing

Meet our head of marketing, Beth Huston, whose dedication to spreading love and positivity is astounding. With her extensive marketing and editing background, and her always-sunny disposition, Beth is a natural addition to the Riza team.

As the founder of Pen and Pendulum, a great support system and popular hub for Instagram’s poetry community, Beth is passionate about helping authors and poets get the recognition they deserve. You’ll either find her writing her own poetry, or find her reaching out to poets and creators, both big and small, making them feel heard.