our publishing model

We are a hybrid publisher, which places us in a unique position between vanity publishing (which will publish anything with little author support and guidance, and will often sky-rocket their profits) and traditional publishing (which will take control of your work and its rights from manuscript to finish, leaving you with only a small amount of royalties, but with a larger distribution and marketing network).

Different approaches work better for different books. Maybe our approach is best for yours. Basically, we are inverting the publication model, so that our own profit occurs at the very beginning of the process, and 100% of your book’s profit remains yours indefinitely. This is quite a contrast to the traditional model which, although it has a larger distribution network, is free at the outset but may leave you with only 10-15% royalties and with restricted rights to your work.


What if I can’t pay so much up front?

These prices are guidelines. And we will never ask you to pay up-front with money you don’t have. Let’s negotiate. We’re all human, and we all struggle with finances too. We’re not trying to bleed your wallet dry. Let’s work within your own budget and work out alternative collaborative solutions instead. The best way to learn about us is to contact us directly. As long as we are somehow reimbursed for our time and expenses, and you receive your 100% royalties and rights to your book, there are flexible payment solutions we can explore in between!

What if I can’t pay at all?

No sweat! Our journal is always free to submit to and to read. We also have constant contests for free publication going on, so make sure to keep checking out what kind of work we’re accepting at any given time!

There are a lot of negative opinions about vanity press publishing and about some hybrid publishing models. Is Riza Press similar?

Absolutely not. We are against “publishers” which do minimal work for you and scam you out of thousands of dollars. There are so many horror stories out there about these assisted self-publishing companies. Always do your research. The creative industry should not be a profit-machine, making money off the backs of hopeful creators. We’re working against this at Riza. We’re real people with real, good intentions trying to work with you through the publishing process. We take only manuscripts which we are proud to put our name on, and take only the minimal amount of money needed to compensate for our time and other tangible expenses in our publishing process. Our goal is helping you and your work flourish (which you can see by our guarantee of 100% author rights and royalties); our goal will never be profit.