MOSAIC: A Collection from the Instagram Poetry Community

Mosaic was compiled and published by Riza Press’s editor and founder, Ava Balis (through iUniverse Publishing). It showcases the kind of collaborative and genre-defying, creative compilations Riza Press seeks to publish.

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“This collection features 62 rising (and often first-time) poets and creators, sourced from Instagram’s poetry community. The poets and creators featured in this anthology were asked to submit a work following only one criteria: that their work made them feel deeply. It was in wanting to give voice to many different creators, and all of their individual artistic perspectives, that this anthology was formed. The ability to create, and the ability to have your creations shared with the world, is important to all of us: we do not create only for ourselves, but rather to share our experiences and have them be understood in a way that, often, usual conversation does not do justice. Expression is an essential part of all our lives, and each unique perspective deserves to find a home for its voice. These pages are a beautiful, diverse collage of passion, depth, and poetic and artistic talent that I have been proud to assemble. I hope you enjoy our creative mosaic.” 
—Ava Balis, Poet and Editor

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Perhaps I am biased for this review, but this anthology contains a piece of my soul along with that of others. Mosaic is a collective effort and I’m so proud of the work behind it. I hope everyone else enjoys the ride through its pages as much as I did.
– Lourdes Montes, on GoodReads

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
What a gorgeous find! Quite stunning artwork scattered throughout and a good size read. I especially liked the writings of Ava Balis, Casee Marie, JR Mason, Lauren Taylor, poets daughter!
– Hanna Fyre, on Barnes & Noble

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This collection is thought provoking, beautiful and a fun read! I highly recommend this for anyone who loves the arts, specifically poetry!
– Jarret Klein, on Amazon

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