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Open access. Multi-genre. Always interesting, and always thought-provoking. Those submitting to our annual Multimedia Poetry and Art Journal are asked for only one thing: to send us something that makes us feel. Something that makes us think. No other rules. We look for work that transcends genre boundaries and searches for new artistic frontiers.What comes from this artistic freedom is a journal truly unique every time. 

Riza – or ρίζα – is Greek for root. At riza press, we believe in connectedness; and we believe art can explore and give voice to those experiences and emotions which bind us together and connect us. We are an independent publishing press, working to make publishing more accessible, so creators can have their unique artistic voices heard. We believe that every creator deserves a platform. This journal, true to our promise, is free to read online and is sold for a minimal profit in print.

Welcome to our journal, and thanks for stopping by. 

Our annual journal for 2020 has become our upcoming Charity Anthology, where all proceeds will go towards mental health support efforts!