Project Healthy Love

Showcasing real-life role models of healthy, loving relationships.

In a world where media tends to glorify toxic relationships and technology makes it easier to swipe through new options instead of persevere through the emotional work of relationships, it’s time to turn the spotlight onto what’s healthy in love.

Project Healthy Love, an effort of Riza Press, has a mission to:

• Share true stories of long-term couples, including the success and hardships of their relationships.
• Spread the lessons these couples have learned about love and what it means to be in a partnership, so that we may all learn these lessons and strive towards more fulfilling intimate relationships.
• Give a platform for: positive relationship role modelsinformation about healthy approaches to relationships, and community sharing of experiences.
• Show that there is hope for finding true love, and that it does exist!

Project Healthy Love also seeks to give voice to healthy forms of ALL type of love. We want to hear the lessons you’ve learned in past relationships. We want to hear about strong loving friendships, families, and other connections. Mostly, we just want to spread love.

Love Stories

Two Poems and an Essay from a Caregiver
a memoir collection by Anthony Cordasco

The Love Language of Raccoon Memes
an essay by Sarah Sam Saltiel

A Night at the Opera
a story by Cecilia Gigliotti

After 49 Years
a story by Joanne Jagoda

Remembrance of All Things Past / Nancy / In One
a short story and poetry collection by Andy Betz

When We Found the Knicks… Together
a story by Hilary Jane Smith

More Coming soon!

Articles & Essays

What Love Means to Me
an essay by Taylor Boileau Davidson

On Love
an article by David Capps

Why I Stopped Checking my Own Boxes
an article on friendship by Courtney Lowry

Poetry and Art

Take Out
A Poem by Denna Berg

Under the Rain Shower / Cat Nap / You
Three Poems by Margot DeSalvo

Romantic Love
A Poem by David Somerset

A Poem by Lauren Leach-Steffens

re / integration
A Poetry Collection by Jenni Kate Baros

Karate Kid
A Poem by Nancy Santos

You Could Say Love
A Poem by Grant Young

Lighthouse / After 22 Years
Two Poems by Jodie Baeyens

Love Letter
A Poem by Nicole (Niky) McCaffety

Stories Are Better Than Endings
A Poem by Tina Vorreyer

A Poem by Taylor Boileau Davidson

On Finding Love
A Poem by Joseph Hardy

A Poem by Steve Gerson

An Art Piece Collection by Thomas Osatchoff

A Poem by Joy Daussin

Communion / Without Reservation / Sea Change
A Poetry Collection by RC deWinter

Love in Different Stages
A Poetry Collection by Shaneka Gearhart

Side By Side
An Art Piece by Taylor Boileau Davidson

Orange Peels
A Poem by Lanika Yule

Igor Zusev Artwork
A Piece by Igor Zusev

Love Lives
A Poem by L A Felleman

Instead of Flowers and a Card
A Poem by Linda Muller

A Poem by Lydia Falls

Making Felt
A Poem by Ava Balis