publishing services pricing

We believe in:

  • 100% author royalties
  • 100% author rights
  • keeping our own profit margin minimal
  • getting your work out to as wide of an audience as possible
  • working with you every step of the way

for full manuscripts

We’re looking for full-length manuscripts of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, essay collections, art and poetry collections, and… well… anything you’ve got. If it seems to be a good fit with us, if we have the publishing capacity, and if we’d be proud to put our name on it, we’ll help you get it published. 

Here’s how it works. We’ll be publishing a few titles a year. If your title fits with us, we will charge an editing, formatting, and publishing fee. But no sweat: you’ll keep 100% of the royalties once it’s up and running on most major international retailers. We like this approach better. We want you to keep full ownership of your work.

Editing$200USD – $600USDRequired
Formatting$200USD – $350USDRequired
Publishing and Marketing$200 – $300USDRequired
Additional MarketingMany marketing services are already included, but additional services are on a case-by-case basisOptional
Post-Publication ChangesCase-by-case basisOptional

Prices are on a case-by-case basis. We’ll talk about the whole thing before we charge you a dime or let you sign anything.

for chapbooks

For us, a chapbook is anything under 40 pages. We’re open to all genres as long as everything – images included! – fits within that limit. Everything remains the same between full manuscript processes and chapbook processes, except chapbook pricing is cheaper. Here’s how it goes:

Editing$100USD – $300USDRequired
Formatting$100USD – $200USDRequired
Publishing & Marketing$200 – $300USDRequired
Additional Marketing Many marketing services are already included, but additional services are on a case-by-case basis Optional
Post-Publication ChangesCase-by-case basisOptional

in our journal

Totally free, and monetary prizes will be given to our top pick in every journal.

We accept submissions of art, poetry, and any other short creative work for our POETRY AND ART JOURNAL. Submissions, images included, should fit within two pages, single space. That’s right: it’s intentionally vague. Don’t be shy: send us anything! We’re looking for the unique and intriguing. We’re looking for something that makes us feel.

Service break-down

EditingIn-depth editing suggestions will be given. These include editing grammar and spelling, to the best of our abilities. We will give you our opinions and suggestions on story lines and formatting, but these edits are for you to make yourself. We don’t want to change up your manuscript without you. Editing pricing is based on an estimation of how many hours the process will take. If the word count is high, expect to pay more.
FormattingFirst, we will ask for your suggestions on cover design and interior design. We will provide the promotional text on the back of the book. You will need to provide an image to be used in the cover design, if you desire one. Third party illustrations or photography can be used for cover design, if together we secure the rights. We can also hire an illustrator for you. This will be an extra charge, of course. We will follow your suggestions as closely as possible in our cover and interior design. Any redo’s, if the mistake was on you and on your description instead of on us, may incur extra fees.
Publishing We work through Ingram printing and distribution – and they have a lot of connections (seriously, like +30, 000), putting your book in most major international retailers. But setting up a book with them incurs fees. This cost also includes inputting your author information, registering your ISBN number, creating your book’s unique barcode, and all the other behind-the-scenes bits and pieces.
MarketingIncluded in your publishing package with us is your own author page connected to this website, and a vigorous promotion of your book on our social media platforms. We connect you with bookstores with the aim of stocking your book in real-life shelves. We help you create initial reading/signing events for your book, and we help you with any initial promotional material you need for your events. We also secure reviews for you, so your book will be reviewed before it even hits the market. Please note that marketing outside of these services is up to you. You have the option of purchasing additional marketing services, which we will chat about as needed. We work with a full service marketing agency that can set up a marketing package tailored to your needs.
Post-Publication ChangesLet’s say someday you don’t want your book out in print or online anymore. It will cost us to go through the time and processes of taking it down. Let’s say you want to change your author bio on all distribution platforms. Who knows what the future holds? We’ll negotiate prices as it happens. If it happens.

Why Publish with us?

We understand that the up-front cost may seem high. But believe us: we are trying our best to make this process accessible and affordable for you. Our main goal will always be helping you find an accessible platform for your work. Chat with us. You’ll find us quite flexible, understanding, and certainly transparent. We want to work with you through the whole process, and establish a personal repertoire that makes you feel respected and heard as a creator. That’s what we’re all about.

We want your book to be your own. That’s why we have upfront costs but no others. We take no sales cuts after we’re finished with your book, unlike most publishing houses. We don’t own your content – we merely get it ready for print, and then distribute it. With 100% royalties, and with your own vigorous marketing in addition to our marketing services, we bet you’ll make up the publishing costs in no time.

No, we’re not a vanity press. Not everyone can publish with us. In fact, at a few published titles a year, we’re quite selective. We just invert the our profiting model to be up-front versus hidden in sales cuts.

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