Shannon Ellis

Shannon Ellis is a poet from Scotland. She is studying English literature at university and writes short stories on occasion. She focuses on writing about personal experience centering around love, loss, relationships, forgiveness and tackling mental health issues and trauma. She usually ties these themes in with her love of nature and metaphor. Her hope is that her work can resonate with anyone experiencing similar issues that her poetry reflects upon, bringing solace and peace to others. Shannon can be found on instagram as @sipping_tea_poetry.

Shannon’s poetry collection, Elements of an Adored Mind, illustrated by Ruben Ramires, explores the changing seasons of a love story, as told through the metaphorical language of elements. Shannon Ellis’s words will break your heart, and then sew the pieces back up again with hope. Her stunning imagery, and her razor-sharp lines, will cut you right where it hurts – whether it be on the topics of love, loss, jealousy, self-realization, or forgiveness – and will stay with you long after you’ve read them.