The Uncertain Creative: A COVID-19 Support Platform

A combined effort of L.T. Pelle, Riza Press, and Pen & Pendulum

Originally a hashtag on Instagram by L.T. Pelle, this project now spans multiple platforms and runs in conjunction with both Riza Press and Pen & Pendulum.

These are uncertain and frightening times, causing a lot of isolation and all the effects of disconnectedness that go along with it. We believe in social connection through the arts. We want to hear how you’re doing, what you’re working on, and anything else you’d like to share during this turbulent time.

Let this be a platform to express yourself! Tell us:
  • how you’re finding peace during these uncertain times. What are you doing to take care of yourself? What are you grateful for? What kinds of routines are you forming?
  • how you’re feeling, what you’re worried about, what your opinions are…
  • what you want to share with others. What projects are you working on right now? Have you written something? Created something? Express yourself.
  • your advice and opinion. How can we better take care of ourselves during this time? How can we better support those in our communities?

(Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

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How the Singles are Coping

by Taylor Boileau Davidson This is such a weird time. For all the reasons that have just come to your mind, and for more reasons still. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I keep seeing posts like “how to be single during a pandemic” and it suddenly strikes me that we’ve lived the […]


by @in_constant_revision “I believe right now is probably one of the craziest times our society has ever experienced. One of the things that has helped me the most through uncertain times is my writing and expressing important emotions or messages through poetry. It is very powerful, and has allowed me to use my creativity in […]


by Lauren Taylor Although this time does feel uncertain, I believe we can use it as an opportunity to remember and appreciate the small things we take for granted. We can spend more time disconnected. We will begin to miss the ones we love whom we haven’t been able to visit. We are able to […]

Tears of Confinement Fears

by Karine Leno Ancellin at the turn of the hesitating sentence “he was dead,”her screeching sobs crackled, a digital torrent of dread I had never had Whatsapp resonate with such sorrowful toneher groans of despair defied the frequencies of my smart phone. The loud speaker amplified the strange sordid suffering,the rich greasy pain of fear […]

A Creative Space

by Annie This is that time when the whole world is at a pause, the time yas elongated itself as we have been fitting this mad rush into our monotonous schedule of sitting all day at home. We have to realise, we bring this monotony on ourselves. At this time with no hurry for meeting […]

Quarantine Dance

by Ronald Walker Isolation mixed with a sense of fear and confusion can cause much that is strange in our world, sometimes beautiful, sometimes not. This is a painting I recently did on this topic called Quarantine Dance.

Stay at home, my friend!

by @anup_1 & @just_an_anxious_poet (on Instagram) Tough times for someFor others, it’s yet to comeSocial distancing is the rule of thumbSo stay at home, don’t be a scum Look what a virus has done!Killing people without a gunRich or poor, it doesn’t shunSo stay at home, no one’s having fun! Mother nature has a smile […]


by Christian Garduno My tongue is a Rembrandt on fireI’ve waited forever for me & you to become usand when you don’t speak, it’s the sound of homeI love hearing your heart beat acoustic Not a lot to say behind my surgical maskI won’t bother saying but I am glad you askCan we not talk […]


by Kendra Gilsdorf / @whenshewalkedpoetry on Instagram During these uncharted times, our minds can become lost in a sea of unquenchable thoughts that drive us to madness. But before you allow yourself to give into their pulling grip just remember, thoughts do not make you weak or inadequate or “too much.” They make you human, […]


by Poet KAZ Easy, carefree reading has been at the forefront of what I’ve been doing lately. With the constant stress and fear, it is so important to spread calm and positive vibrations. With BLUE I try to provide my readers with a poem, that’ll make them feel rested and that’ll make them use their […]

How I Choose to Remember

by Ben Snider Our hearts were full, poundingConstantly bombardedEmpathy and compassion were overwhelmingWe met fear yet again, our cultural ritualThen the songs cameEchoing in empty streetsConnecting their collectiveVoicesEmbracing from the DistanceWe saw heroes everydayOnly now becoming awareThey had been thereAll alongArt was freed from wallsFor everyone to experienceA Knight read us SonnetsEach and every dayProfessors […]

The Parasite You Animated & She Forgot To Salt The Eggs Again

by Q. Maram Zoaria The Parasite You Animated Isolation pounced on you like a predator. Tied its barbarous vines around you tight, and now your shadow is your only companion. But it stays only till the sun mercifully shares the last of its rays on the walls. With the uncanny silence and blackness, the voices […]

Spring thaw (of my heart)

by Jaimee Boake Forehead pressed to glassI watch the world thawicicle grip on my heart melting away hope splashes like sunshineknowing you too can see blue skies

Using your senses to get you through Covid-19

by Jacky Power The world has gone to shit it has,The world has gone to shit!A discombobulation is sweeping through our nationAs shoppers binge on bog roll and tinned food.Apocalyptic thoughts as we survey what we’ve bought,As we spiral into stratospheric panic! But… Let’s stop for a sec, to breathe in, to reflect.It’s not possible […]

In times such as these…

by Exquisiteflaneur “Darkness can always be countered if one just remembers to switch on a light”. These are times to get close to those who have drifted away. I feel there will be no better time to reconcile old wars. Could be an ex, maybe an estranged friend, may even be your parents. After all […]


by cheistopher.kent “What are you going to dowhen we get back to normal?”She asks, but the fact is,there’s no going back.This path we treadis a permanent collection of stones,each one marking the next dayof our order to Stay at Home,And will serve to remind our heartswhen our selfish lifestylestarted to fishbowl around us,and we were […]

Appeal of the Quotidian

by Megan Marie Drew Amidst the turbulence of the present,The dazed days that seep into one another,Blurring humanity intoA continuous monotonous moment,Blank faces and bleak feelings run riot throughOur stationary world, bodies and minds. Yet, the warmth felt internally will always remain.The joy of familial bonds, of friendships shall not dissipateWith the regress of modern […]

Patience in Solitude

by eros north These four wallsHave never felt more like a fortressAnd there have been times where I have felt stuck inside my own bodyBut not quite like thisThis is a slow torture Where fresh air and sharp breaths on morning runs are my only freedomI have never noticed the sky as much as I […]


by Dina Jael In times of isolation and darkness, as our shells painfully crack open, may we embrace growth and await the reveal of our inner beauty. M E R A K I .*. d i n a j a e l The fixation of my handsis upon the soil beneath me.It calls me to […]


by Ambreen Saniya This is difficult time for all of us. We miss the normal that we never really closely observed back then and cherished. Some of us are away from our families too. We all are fighting battles in our own ways. We are clinging to even the very little hope that we find […]

The streets won’t be abandoned for long!

by Simi Juriasingani I saw an image of an empty street and it made me really sad and nostalgic. But then I remembered something I read when I was little, “All things change – the good and the bad things. Always remember that change is the only constant.” It made me feel hopeful, which inspired […]

Covetous Humans

by @@eloquent_kmj (on Instagram) When we finally were deprivedof embracing each other.We learnt to embrace ourselvesEven more than before.We’ve revived forgotten people within us,who were lurking in a corner, ignored.The artists, singers, writers insideBecame reborn, prominent & explored. We’ve realised how fragile we areThe stunts we pull against nature,won’t be withheld forever.Fell in a deep […]

The Pandemic & The Magic Three

by @lrosepoetry (on Instagram) The Pandemic  There is a film of fog over each rooftop on my street, and everyone’s eyes seem hollow.  Emotionless faces scream quietly of disbelief, as if we are suspended in midair— swimming through honey.  But everyone has the same twinkle of light burning tiny holes in their chest. Everyone has […]

Smothered Sunlight

by Mereed There’s sunlight dripping through the windowsAnd the dust and the cobwebs smother. Suffocate.The shadows smirks from the cornersBut the sky is adorned with beautiful coloursAnd these weak threads of light must let the world know.So she struts on.She falls gracefully on the floorAnd let herself be snuffed out like the flame under a […]

Dearest April

by Kavindi Jay (@eloquent_kmj) April, will you be the chance of rainTo the whole mankind?Haven’t seen him, for what feels agesDo you have the heart to be kind?Cherry blossom dreams, all pink and glowingFill up my lonely heart.Have you ever loved someone dearlyTo understand, a lover’s dreamy art? It ain’t easy to be miles awayIsolation […]

Top 6 tips to get rid of writer’s block

by @the_left_handed_writer (on Instagram) As a writer I know that the well we go to to collect our inspiration can often run dry. I too struggle with writer’s block. Therefore I’ve found some neat little tricks you can do to regain focus, consistency and get the most out of your writing. Exercise:Moving, exercising. It get’s […]

Widen Your Gaze

by Rob Dominick ConnectionIs fleetingIn these timesBut lessons are foundRegardlessIf youCare to lookOutside your room andListen


by “The Content Slave” To every situation there are a million perspectives,And this life, a synonym of uncertainties,You expect it to not throw bombshells?Everything… I mean everything,In life is for a limited time…. Like Robert Frost once said,If I can sum up all that I have learnt in life in three wordsThey would be.. It […]

Every day is a late Sunday morning

by Mary Lou Time has become the sheet I’ve pushed to the end of my bed with my feet in my sleepIt is folded and scrunched up I’ve slipped between the folds and I exist in a space where I’m frighteningly awareof what’s going on in my house,but I can’t find my wayout of the […]

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Let’s support each other.

This pandemic will affect everyone differently. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable and underprivileged in our communities will be hit the hardest in many ways. If we have the resources to support one another, now is the time to do so.

Below is a list of some top-rated charities focusing their efforts on COVID-19 assistance in North America or internationally. This is by no means an exhaustive list! Please note any other recommendations for charities along with your submission in the form above.