To Build a Home

To Build a Home will be was published by Riza Press in 2020.
Author: Hinnah Mian
Illustrator: Alice Galletti

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On learning that it’s not love if it hurts you. On learning that abuse comes in many forms. On learning that home is found within yourself. On learning that self-love is the most divine love there is. On learning that building a home starts and ends with yourself. Within the pages of To Build A Home are poems and prose that explore not only the emotions that come with learning you are in an abusive relationship, but how you can learn to heal and love yourself again in the aftermath. It will help you discover that the most beautiful love is the love you give yourself.

To Build a Home was initially published in 2018, its first edition winning the the silver medal in poetry in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards 2018. In 2019, this collection earned Hinnah Mian first place in Riza Press’s Chapbook Contest.

“Breathtakingly honest. Hinnah’s powerful words shot straight through my chest and left me speechless. These are the words I wish I wrote. An incredible work I’ll be reading again and again.”
Makenzie Campbell, author of 2am Thoughts

“What’s the best way I can put it? This book moved me. From the very first sentence, it moved me. To Build a Home is a mixture of poetry and prose. Hinnah Mian is equally adept with either form. With the skill of a true master, the collection delves into the meaning of family, the painfulness of love, and the courage of a strong, indomitable spirit.”
– Ray Simmons, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“Hinnah has written an achingly, beautiful portrait of heartbreak. Her words hit me to the core and I was transported to what it feels like to be haunted by someone, to be left hollow by someone. This book accurately and smartly portrays the lessons and healing gained from the human experience with sorrow.”
– Raquel Franco, author of Keep Me Wild

“This piece of work left me speechless.There is so much beauty exhibited in the remnants of pain, I could feel every inch of the deep emotion reaching out to me throughout the book and grasping on tightly. It continues to show healing and hurt working sometimes in harmony and sometimes in complete contrast, showing the trueness of heartbreak and self-love in the aftermath. A truly thought-provoking, heart-rending and masterful piece of work. I cannot recommend it enough!”
– Shannon Ellis, author of Elements of an Adored Mind